My Space

Come to my Office, Meet me Online or Outdoors for Therapy in Nature. 

Entrance to Well Dunne 

Located in the heart of Skerries, I am very pleased to join the fabulous team of wellbeing practitioners in The Willow Rooms – Holistic Clinic, click here to go to The Willow Rooms website.

We may not always be aware of it, but our physical environment is constantly influencing our emotions and general well-being. By this token, the design of our treatment rooms keeps this in mind, with careful consideration taken for your perception of psychological safety, intimacy, willingness to self-disclose, build a therapeutic rapport and feel a sense of agency within the space.

Online or Tele-Health Counselling

Counselling has been given new meaning to many during the present global pandemic. Many questions concerning the efficacy of telephone or online have been answered, with new challenges also highlighted also the way. I have undergone the recommended IACP training to provide therapy online or over the phone. This platform is now available to anyone in Ireland.

I only use secure networks to provide online therapy, such as Zoom or Doxy. Both have been approved for use in Ireland and you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that your privacy and security needs have been considered.

Flexible payment options are available, such as Paypal and Revolut. Well Dunne is also committed to offering competitive rates for healthcare workers, students, the unemployed and retirees.

Reach out and let’s have a chat about my services and your mental health.

Walk and Talk Section

This is very much a case of my space being your space. A walk and talk therapy session can journey through familiar grounds or somewhere new. Suitable routes around the Skerries locale and the surrounding areas of North County Dublin have been scouted with consideration to nurture and keep you grounded in nature.

Out And About

beach images and maybe a video of Oisin on the beach etc talking about his approach

Places we Go

Here are some images that have been taken when out and about with clients, on a walk&talk therapy session. They have been included with the full consent of the client who thought it may be interesting for others as this is an image of that which has helped to ease their suffering. What strikes you about these images?